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We get you up and
running fast.

From deploying your
code to a functional
app in minutes.


Powerful tools to monitor and
manage your app.

Our CLI and Web Interface
gives you total control of your deployment.

App Centric

Focus on your business,
and not your infrastructure.

Lyrid automates all the
platform deployment
and scaling.


Code once and deploy to
any supported cloud.

Utilize a single interface to interact with
all your deployments.

Simple Tools for Your Serverless Deployments.

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This Page is Built and Hosted by Lyrid Serverless.

Our apps, services, and pages (including documentation page) are driven by our own platform. You are currently looking at a serverless application that we build and distribute using Lyrid.

  • Coded in standard Next.JS + Express.JS + Node.JS application.
  • Globally distributed deployment.
  • Currently running on Lyrid Serverless Compute Platform.
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Code on Your
Own Terms!

Use whatever language that you are comfortable with. Deploy apps fast as you can build the way you are used to.

We make it work on any cloud service, on our hosted infrastructure or even on-premise.

Feel free to browse our GitHub page to check out the current supported code templates, and you will be able to kickstart your project in no time!

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  • 2 Apps
  • 1K Token Bucket Limit
  • 10 MB Code Submission Size
  • Remote Serverless Build
  • Policy Driven Build, Execution, and Deployment
  • Public Cloud Deployment
  • Custom Domain
  • Automatic SSL Generation
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Community Support
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  • All Features FREE Tier
  • 10 Apps
  • 10K Token Bucket Limit
  • 100 MB Code Submission Size
  • Module Tagging
  • AI ML-Policy Driven Deployment
  • Enhanced Security Features
  • Custom SSL Support
  • Prioritized Execution Clusters
  • Priority Support
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  • All Features PRO Tier
  • Unlimited Apps
  • Unlimited Token Bucket Limit
  • Unlimited Code Submission Size
  • Secured Deployment
  • Professional Engineering Services
  • Custom Serverless Solutions
  • Platform Whitelabeling
  • Isolated Infrastructures
  • Dedicated 24/7 Support
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What Our Users Say
About Us.

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Want to Ask Something
From Us?

Why Serverless?

Serverless computing is a cloud computing execution model in which the cloud provider allocates machine resources on demand. It scales with demand automatically while significantly reducing server cost because you don't pay for idle. You no longer have to worry about infrastructure maintenance and only on building your application.

Security Access Control?

Set different access for different users. Allow your developers to have access to create applications and your operations to manage the deployment.

Can we scale?

Definitely! We use public cloud serverless platforms to deliver your serverless applications or services from a single region to high performance global deployment seamlessly.

How do we control our deployments?

ML-Policy Driven. Deploy your code using policies that are driven by a platform that knows where to best run your function based on the criteria that is important to you (performance/cost).

Isn't deploying into Lyrid a form of vendor lock-in as well?

There's no vendor lock-in with us, not even to our own platform. Your function deployment will always have a migration path and can be run independently outside the platform if you decide to take us out of the equation. We will publish articles about how to achieve this, and help you to do so if required.

We want developers to be able to adopt serverless with minimal changes about the way they are thinking about their code.

I love it! But do you support web framework X on programming language Y running inside serverless cloud platform Z?

Sure! Please contact us if you have questions with your business case to support technologies outside our current support.

Supporting additional platform vendors is a matter of just a matter of extending our codes. We want to make sure that we have a solid understanding about the business requirements before we can build the support for it!